It has never been so easy to create your perfect engagement ring. First choose one of the four Signature GISELLE settings and then add your perfect diamond that suits your wishes and budget. Each engagement ring is handcrafted by one of our experienced goldsmiths in Zurich.

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Meet the designer

Most designs on the market are bulky and old fashioned. I started my own jewelry company to create the kind of jewelry I would want. That gorgeous cut diamond in an almost invisible setting. We create the most dainty, yet strong and ever lasting settings on the market.

Are you looking for a modern twist on an elegant classic? We got you covered. - Giselle Willner

Essence of GISELLE

This engagement ring collection is timeless, filigree and elegant. High quality but smaller diamonds make these special designs very affordable. I take inspiration from famous, timeless beauties who have written history with their appearance. The designs are as different as the personalities.

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