the Mermaid Engagement Ring

A ring from another world. Its main stone, a mermaid sapphire, is one of the rarest types of "teal sapphires". In my eyes, this stone will be the next big engagement ring trend.
A stone that takes us deep into the underwater world where treasures and mermaids can be found. We imagine the scales of their caudal fin to be as beautiful as this stone. Mermaids are the rarest type of blue-green sapphire. Less than 5% of blue-green sapphires have a 50:50 blue-green color ratio to qualify as mermaid sapphires. I have found that the most popular size is between 1.3 to 2.5 carats.
This beautiful blue-green sapphire comes at exactly the right time as it is currently relatively unknown and therefore very affordable despite its extreme rarity. However, since it is rapidly gaining popularity, this could change in the next few years.
Customer request:
The couple was looking for a unique engagement ring that would reflect both parties. The customer came to me with a picture of the board she wanted without knowing what kind of stone it was in the photo.
It was a so-called mermaid sapphire, a teal sapphire that has more than one color in it. A breathtaking stone that is unfortunately seen far too seldom. The couple lived in Zurich, but originally came from the USA (West Coast).
Giselle's vision:
I immediately felt the closeness to nature between the two. He is an avid diver, she is an adventurous mountaineer and ballerina. An elegant ring belonged to her, it shouldn't be too big, not too pompous, and ideally it should have the colors of the forest and the ocean.
The Mermaid Saphire was the perfect choice for this. The setting should be almost fluid, like water droplets. White diamonds would provide too much contrast, so my thoughts turned to green/blue/grey diamonds.
The making off:
After the first meeting, I set out to find the perfect main stone. There are only a few places where these so-called mermaid sapphires are found, one of my contacts is in Nigeria and buys the raw stones from the locals. #ethically #traceable
After the arrival of the sapphire I began to search for the perfect layout with different side stones. To do this, you put different options and then decide by eye what results in the most harmonious combination.
After the customer has approved the layout, we make the ring band based on the stones and set the stones. A final quality check and the ring is ready to be handed over.
Material: 18k rose gold, 1.97ct teal sapphire (ethically sourced, no heat), with green & gray diamonds as side stones
Duration: 1.5 months
Project budget: 6.7k

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