Diamond education

4C's - Color

The color refers to the natural coloring of white diamonds. Most diamonds have a yellowish tint. The closer a diamond is to being colorless (D), the more valuable and rare it is.

Color chart for diamonds

The top color grades D, E and F form the area known as colorless . The price differences are particularly significant in these top color grades. It is therefore important to always weigh up with such a purchase whether the massive surcharge for a better color grade is worthwhile, since the difference is hardly visible to the naked eye from above in a decorative setting. Diamonds are always ranked sideways by color.

The other color grades G, H, I and J form the area designated as near colorless (almost colorless) . A diamond of this color grade is recommended, especially if the diamond is set in yellow gold or rose gold.

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Ask Giselle
Is the color of a diamond very important?

Generally, the color of a diamond is the second most important factor as it directly affects the diamond's appearance. In my opinion, it is important to weigh up what the customer wants in each individual case. To the untrained eye, almost all diamonds appear colorless, but in fact almost all have a slight yellow tinge. If you don't know what to buy, a rule of thumb says a "G" is fine. You tend to have to go up/down two shades to see a difference.


The largest and most important factor in the appearance and sparkle of a diamond. In addition to the different types of cut, the cut means in particular how the light is refracted in the diamond.


The carat describes the weight of a diamond. Not, as many mistakenly think, the size.


Clarity describes the number, size, type and position of natural inclusions in the diamond. Different inclusions are evaluated differently because not all are equally visible.


There is no right and no wrong here. It depends on the wearer.

Most of our customers are attracted to 1ct-2ct (optical). But there are also women who expressly prefer a large size from 3ct, or the complete opposite, women who want a small mini stone (approx. 0.05ct).

If you have no idea what your loved one wants, I recommend buying a diamond from 0.50ct to 1ct. Even on petite women, it doesn't look too big, and if the woman wants a larger look, you could do a so-called upgrading.

Diamonds are measured in carats. One carat equals 0.20 grams.

For a medium budget, we recommend color G/H and Si1 as good standard quality.

With white gold & platinum, definitely choose G. With rose gold and yellow gold, an H is also quite legitimate, since the stone takes on a certain yellow tinge due to the alloy anyway.

At Si1 you can expect an "eye-clean" diamond. The inclusions are particularly visible under a magnifying glass.
However, we do not recommend going below Si1. The inclusions can be visible to the naked eye and severely affect the sparkle.

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